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Branding is understanding, and intentionally developing how you are precieved, and what you stand for. How I approach UX, is a ground-up approach that ties the whole picture together


Being a Developer is more that just knowing how to write code. Being a great developer is having a passion for the process of creating, and collaborating with people who want to make something great.


The word Design comes from the Latin word Describo which means to describe, draw, portray, or transcribe. When it comes to great design one has to be passionate about collaborative drawing, describing, and transcribing what the objective is; this is a process that I love.


in great design, Imagery and Content come first. People like to be elevated with great visuals and a story that expands your message. History channel and Discovery channel being my backboard as a professional photographer and cinematographer really give me a great understanding of beautiful story telling and imagery.

Hello, I am Eli Baird...

I'm a web designer and full stack engineer living in SLC. I have worked with companies like Discovery Channel and Historical Arts and currently working as a Lead PHP Developer for CHG Healthcare. Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Laravel / October CMS

The works I am proud of

Foundation Medical Staffing


This project was an exciting oportunity for me at my new company CHG healthcare. It was the first implementation of our new platform October CMS, along with advanced API's with KOA.js, and a client side MVVM Vue.js. It really demonstrates how complex backend solutions can tie together in an elegant simple UI.



VODDOV is a Video Streeming project with the hopes to stream the small local football and family events to the community.

Locum Story


Locumstory was an amaizing calaboration between developers designers and animators, to come up with a truely unique experiance. The mission of this site was it educate doctors about travel medicine, and how it started and what the benefits are. It utalized fun GIF animations and heavy custom Javascript Development.

Beaux-Arts Advertisment


This video is a brief explanation of why the architecture side of the Beaux-Arts Academy is so essential to anyone who is serious about design. It was shot throughout Italy and shows some students and their experiences.



This is one part of a series that I filmed with Ben Braiten to market St George Utah, and Zion Nation Park. They are a fun play on james bond mixed with high angle adventure. Please note cinematic feel, and style of shots along with after effects work

Utah Manufacturers Association


This is a corperate video I did for the state of Utah's Manufacturing Association. The video is a look at all of the reasons why you should be proud to do manufacturing in the state of utah. This is a good example of whats possible in a one day video shoot, if production is planed well

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Feel free to reach out to me. It does not have to be an offical question; ask me about how many oreos it would take to stack them to mars? If you have questions about web development or a job you are trying to accomplish I will try me best to answer.

Eli Baird
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